Bart van Reeken


Office location
Direct number
+31 20 577 1599
Direct fax
+31 20 577 1775
Mobile number
+31 6 5113 4738

Advocaat, admitted to the Bar in 1988
Partner since
Outsourcing, information technology, joint ventures
Dutch, English
Erasmus University of Rotterdam and Clarion University of Pennsylvania

Bart heads De Brauw’s information, communication and technology practice.  He regularly assists companies in reaching agreement on outsourcings, information technology projects and joint ventures.

Bart’s primary focus is structuring effective business relations between companies, both nationally and internationally. Bart is experienced in setting up joint development, mutually integrated production and joint marketing arrangements. He negotiates in a way which contributes to the success of the relationships. In the area of information technology, his work covers a broad spectrum, ranging from regularly assisting in negotiating and drafting outsourcing agreements, software development agreements, software licences, implementation agreements, and telecom agreements, to handling IT-related disputes. He represents both IT suppliers and corporations.

Bart has worked for most of the larger Netherlands based banks, the largest insurance companies, more than half of the larger Netherlands based mutinationals as well as for some fintech and other startups.

Bart’s recent work includes advising:

  • several EMEA wide IT outsourcings;
  • a global and an EMEA wide telecoms outsourcing;
  • a global and an EMEA wide financial administration outsourcing;
  • a global insurance outsourcing;
  • an agreement to coordinate the production in two electricity and steam producing plants and share the benefits.

"he is pragmatic and to the point" and "always goes the extra mile" Chambers Europe