5 November 2013

Draft bill Continuity of Companies Act II (WCO II): extrajudicial debt restructuring compositions

The draft bill on the Continuity of Companies Act II (Wet continuïteit ondernemingen II) went into public consultation on 14 August 2014. A proposal made in 2013 by our partners Ruud Hermans and Reinout Vriesendorp heavily influenced the draft bill, which introduces extrajudicial, universally binding debt restructuring compositions to the Netherlands.

These pages provide insights into the new legislation, materials from a seminar that De Brauw held and additional De Brauw coverage and materials.

Draft bill
Click here for an overview of the proposed draft bill and the explanatory memorandum from the legislature. De Brauw provides an unofficial English translation of the draft bill as well as of the explanatory memorandum.

De Brauw held a successful seminar about the draft bill on 11 September 2014. Click here for additional information, to view videos of the speakers’ presentations and to download their slides.

De Brauw coverage
On this page, you will find articles written by De Brauw lawyers about the draft bill, including the original proposal, and De Brauw’s response to the public consultation. In our response, we discuss the proposal’s strong suits and suggest several improvements to make the bill even more useful in practice. Because of, among others, our feedback during the consultation, the legislature is considering additional amendments.

Other Coverage
Click here for a page with an overview of other publications on the Continuity of Companies Act II.