Supreme Court Litigation

Winning the case at the highest level – that’s how we summarise what our Supreme Court litigators do. It requires special legal skills and a detailed and rigorous approach.

Part of our DNA

De Brauw and litigating at the highest level have gone hand in hand since 1871. But ample opportunity to plead our case before the judges is now a thing of the past – most of the time, only written briefs are exchanged. The process normally starts with our assessment of the client’s options for appealing an unfavourable decision of a lower court. If we take on the case, we act as the client’s Supreme Court counsel throughout the appeal, working in consultation with the lawyers who handled the matter during the fact-finding stages. We may also get involved when the matter is still before the lower courts, but an appeal to the Supreme Court is being anticipated.


Questioning the status quo

What happens in society is highly relevant in Supreme Court cases. Public opinion changes and the law evolves along with this. That’s why constantly questioning the status quo is at the core of what our litigators do. This has regularly led to ground-breaking decisions by our highest court in a great number of cases.


Scanning the options

If you are considering appealing to the Supreme Court, we can do a quick scan highlighting what points could be appealed and what the chances of success are. Click here to contact us about a quick scan. We will of course be happy to explain the scan in more details afterwards.

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