11 August 2021

Virtual meeting option extended to 1 October 2021

Reinier Kleipool
Martin van Olffen
Casper Nagtegaal
+ 1 other expert

The emergency bill on coronavirus-related matters includes temporary facilities to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on various aspects of society. For Dutch companies, the bill includes measures aimed at helping organise and time general meetings amidst the coronavirus pandemic, including the option of holding virtual shareholder meetings.

On 28 July 2021, a royal decree was published moving the end date of the Covid-19 emergency legislation further back to 1 October 2021, allowing general meetings of legal entities to be held without physical attendance. Unlike on previous occasions, the minister did not mention any intention to extend the temporary arrangement for virtual general meetings by another two months, to 1 December 2021. We will keep you informed of any announcements made about this.

Click here for further information on the emergency bill.