Our principles

Our principles are the underlying values that contribute to long-lasting success at our firm. They are the foundation from which we advise our clients. They are simple, yet make a powerful statement about what we value and how we act individually and as a firm.

We care about our clients
We care about our clients. They fuel and energise our firm and the drive to our professionals to deliver bespoke solutions to the challenges our clients face. Each year we aim to add more value to our clients to achieve their strategic goals. We are a ‘one-firm firm’: a firm where we all work together for our clients, who are the firm’s clients and not the client of a specific partner – doing so we’ve worked for some of them for more than 100 years. We deliver superior value for our clients, wherever they operate. This is the keystone of our focus, whether in the Netherlands or abroad.


We care about quality
We care about quality. We want our clients to select us because of our excellent legal skills and service delivery. We believe that our drive to quality leads to profitability, as a result of our efforts and not as a goal in itself. Our partners and associates are not motivated by individual financial rewards: they are all equally rewarded, based on their level of experience only. This fosters a culture of quality and collegiality.

We care about our people
We care about our people achieving their full potential in a transparent and entrepreneurial culture. We want to be the best place to work for people who share our passion. Our people need to find a balance between their work and private lives to be able to provide the quality we care for, not just once but for the entire duration of their employment. This is why we maintain a collaborative, stimulating work environment where our employees are actively supported to reach their full potential.

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