Best Friends network

We have been part of a European network of law firms, sometimes called ‘Best Friends’, for a number of years. The members are all renowned firms and market leaders in their jurisdictions: Slaughter and May (UK), Bredin Prat (France), BonelliErede (Italy), Hengeler Mueller (Germany) and Uría Menéndez (Spain).

The Best Friends network of independent law firms allows De Brauw to form part of a fully integrated team comprised of the best lawyers in all major jurisdictions.


The network was formed by a select group of top-tier independent law firms over fifteen years ago and comprises BonelliErede (Italy), Bredin Prat (France), De Brauw (the Netherlands), Hengeler Mueller (Germany), Slaughter and May (the United Kingdom) and Uría Menéndez (Spain/Portugal). The Best Friends collectively have 40 offices worldwide, located in 19 jurisdictions, with more than 2,500 international lawyers.


The Best Friends network is founded on the belief that clients are best served on their high end matters by law firms that are firmly rooted and market leader in their respective jurisdictions. The Best Friends network allows each firm to offer its clients a single united, international team of top class lawyers – focussed and consistent at all levels – while remaining the lead strategic and trusted adviser


The Best Friends’ approach embodies three core principles:

  • see with clarity – seeing clients’ challenges in their full context requires a profound understanding of the relevant businesses, markets and jurisdictions. We believe this depth of understanding cannot be replicated, but it can be shared;
  • respond with agility – we build specific teams according to individual issues and requirements, and increase effectiveness by putting the right minds in the right place at the right time. This flexibility gives our clients the highest quality advice possible; and
  • deliver coherence – our advice is focused and consistent at all levels and fully aligned across all jurisdictions. This coherence offers our clients continuity, consistency and confidence.
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