The Concertgebouw

De Brauw has been providing The Royal Concertgebouw with pro bono legal advice for many years.

As part of a fundraiser in 2012 and to commemorate its 125-year existence, The Concertgebouw issued ‘Jubileumaandelen’ for which De Brauw created the issuance structure and wrote a prospectus. In 2017, The Concertgebouw approached De Brauw again for help in issuing additional Jubileumaandelen. To that end, De Brauw gave securities law advice, drafting corporate resolutions, executing the deed of issuance and updating the 130(!)-year old shareholder register. It collaborated with a commercial publisher to develop a Digital Music Method. De Brauw advised The Concertgebouw on this matter and prepared the agreement with the publisher. Our core team consisted of Constantijn Voogt, Tobias Cohen Jehoram and Josse Klijnsma.


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