9 May 2019

Master Class – Current topics in corporate crime


Over the last couple of years, corporate criminal enforcement has undergone major changes. There has been intense public debate about large settlements, and the current settlement practice is likely to change. And while there continues to be a strong focus on anti-bribery investigations, other topics are gaining attention, such as the steadily increasing enforcement of economic sanctions and export controls and the strengthening of anti-money laundering legislation. At the same time, environmental laws are being more strictly enforced, with less room to settle matters out of court and significantly higher fines. Simultaneously, authorities have stressed the need for structured compliance programmes and issued detailed guidelines which are bound to shape market practice. In addition, given increased third-party liability risks, companies are imposing more compliance requirements on their business partners.

The common theme is an increased focus on compliance and a higher risk for a punitive response to potential corporate irregularities.

During this Master Class Roan Lamp & Marlies Heemskerk – de Waard will discuss the main developments and attempt to explain the underlying forces at play.

Date, time and location
This Master Class will be held at our offices in Amsterdam on Thursday, 9 and Friday, 10 May from 8:00 to 10:00. Of course a delicious breakfast will be awaiting you when you arrive. Please note that our Master Classes are based on invitation only.

For more information, please contact Myrthe van der Vliet
E: myrthe.vandervliet@debrauw.com
T: +31 20 577 1807

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