22 November 2018

Master Class – Dealing with US enforcement

US enforcement remains a major concern for non-US companies operating worldwide. US authorities continue to claim broad jurisdiction and do not hesitate to aggressively enforce US law, including in matters with seemingly little US nexus. Fines keep going up and settlement conditions are becoming ever more burdensome. National enforcement authorities elsewhere also increasingly look at their US counterparts and follow their methods, making US enforcement trends all the more relevant to non-US companies.

In this Master Class Marnix Somsen, Marlies Heemskerk-de Waard and Angelique Groen-Boon focus on the main US enforcement issues that non-US companies may have to deal with, including:

• self-disclosure to and cooperation with enforcement authorities
• increasing liability risks faced by individuals
• accumulation of investigations and penalties as a result of international cooperation between US and foreign authorities
• an increasingly common obligation to accept a monitor as part of settlement conditions.

Date, time and location
This Master Class will be held at our offices in Amsterdam on Thursday, 22 November (in English) and Friday, 23 November (in Dutch) from 8:00 to 10:00. Of course a delicious breakfast will be awaiting you when you arrive. Please note that our Master Classes are based on invitation only.

For more information, please contact Myrthe van der Vliet
E: myrthe.vandervliet@debrauw.com
T: +31 20 577 1807

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