24 January 2019

Master Class – Outsourcing in the financial sector

Over the last decade, outsourcing has become increasingly popular in the financial sector, both as a means to reduce cost and as a way to enable companies to be more strategic in their focus. At the same time, however, service provider errors have caused severe reputational and financial damage to financial undertakings. This demonstrates that outsourcing is not risk free. Unsurprisingly, supervisors are devoting more time to scrutinising the risks associated with outsourcing. For example, in 2018, DNB conducted several thematic examinations into outsourced activities and published good practices for risk management.  And the EBA issued its new draft guidelines on outsourcing arrangements for consultation.

In this Master Class, Mariken van Loopik and Kees Groffen will update you on the latest developments in outsourcing. They will zoom in on the key practical implications of the various national supervisors’ communications as well as the draft EBA guidelines on outsourcing arrangements. Mariken and Kees will also discuss the impact of Brexit on outsourcing and concentration risks, and explain how to deal with the concurrence  of applicable outsourcing regimes.

Date, time and location

This Master Class will be held at our offices in Amsterdam on Thursday, 24 and Friday, 25 January from 8:00 to 10:00. Of course a delicious breakfast will be awaiting you when you arrive. Please note that our Master Classes are based on invitation only.


For more information, please contact Myrthe van der Vliet
E: myrthe.vandervliet@debrauw.com
T: +31 20 577 1807

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