Event 31 August 2021

Master Class Programme 2021 - September - December

For each Master Class we will inform you well in advance if the Master Class will be held online or, Covid-19 permitting, at our Amsterdam office. We will limit attendance to create interaction during these Master Classes, allowing everyone to share experiences and interact with fellow participants as well as speakers. The Master Classes will be in English. All sessions are held on Thursday and Friday mornings, from 9:00 to 10:30 online or, Covid-19 permitting, from 08:00 - 10:00 at our Amsterdam office.
Event 9 September 2021

Master Class - Come hell or high water: navigating antitrust in M&A

Navigating antitrust in M&A can be very challenging. Merger clearance goes to the heart of deal certainty, one of the key considerations for parties to an M&A transaction. Competition law aspects of a transaction therefore often pose challenging and important legal and commercial business questions, be it in considering to commit to a hell of high water clause, pre-closing business conduct, gun-jumping considerations or transaction timelines. Additional regulatory requirements in relation to M&A are becoming more important, including foreign direct investment regimes and the European Commission's upcoming Foreign Subsidies Regulation, which will need due consideration in a transaction context.
Event 16 September 2021

Master Class - Privilege issues in practice

Legal privilege is the cornerstone of the legal system, protecting communication between clients and in-house or external counsel. But as fundamental as it may be, in a world of ever increasing demands for transparency, it is under pressure. In today's climate, business partners, regulators, prosecutors and public interest groups alike are testing the boundaries of companies' reliance on legal privilege. The call by these entities to disclose documents often leads to privilege being increasingly challenged.
Event 30 September 2021

Master Class - The freedom of information act (WOB)

As society becomes increasingly transparent, public access to government information through Freedom of Information requests (Wob-verzoeken) plays an important role. With detailed requests on sensitive topics carried out daily, the impact on the private sector and the relationship between government and business is enormous. The dynamics are changing, with political debate on transparency (including the new Rutte-doctrine) and the new Wet open overheid due to enter into force in 2022. Companies need to understand the legal framework of the Dutch Freedom of Information Act in order to safeguard their interests and to prevent potential disclosure of information.
Event 7 October 2021

Master Class - The big picture: global trends driving changes in corporate governance

Martin van Olffen & Michael Schouten will be speaking at this Master Class.
Event 14 October 2021

Master Class - Enforcement of market abuse regulation

Roan Lamp will be speaking at this Master Class.
Event 5 November 2021

Master Class - Global trends in anti-bribery and anti-corruption enforcement

Patrick Ploeger & Iskander Timman will be speaking at this Master Class.
Event 9 November 2021

Master Class - Recent developments in civil procedural law

Jan-Willem Meijer & Kees Saarloos will be speaking at this Master Class.
Event 11 November 2021

Master Class - Developments in works council co-determination

Barbara Kloppert & Daniël van Gerven will be speaking at this Master Class.
Event 12 November 2021

Master Class - Recent trends in technology and life sciences

Bertrand ter Woort will be speaking at this Master Class.
Event 18 November 2021

Master Class - International enforcement and compliance developments

Marnix Somsen & Angelique Groen-Boon will be speaking at this Master Class.
Event 25 November 2021

Master Class – 2021 Tax Update

Maarten van der Weijden, Frank Pötgens, Paul Sleurink, Henk van Ravenhorst & Wiebe Dijkstra will be speaking at this Master Class.