Birgit Snijder-Kuipers makes various contributions to three books

November 20, 2019

Birgit has recently collaborated on three books, with two focusing on Anti Money Laundering (AML).

For the Vereniging voor Financieel Recht, she wrote a chapter on UBOs in Europe; specifically, the various definitions and how registration varies throughout European Member States.


Together with Ed van Liere, she also wrote a chapter about the AML in the second edition of Bijzonder strafrecht. Strafrechtelijke handhaving van sociaal-economisch en fiscaal recht in Nederland.


Birgit also edited, together with Gunther Rensen, the second part of Handboek notarieel ondernemingsrecht on Vereniging, coƶperatie en onderlinge waarborgmaatschappij.

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