Crystal Ball Gazing 2020

January 28, 2020

2020 introduces a new decade, one which already promises to be an exciting one for our clients, the legal sector and society in general.


In this special newsletter, we gaze into our crystal ball and highlight some of the more important trends and developments which could very well affect or even change the way you do business in the next 12 months. We want to make sure you are well-informed and ready for this year and beyond.

Clients tell us that they regularly face increasingly complex challenges that go to the core of their business which also have an impact on society. We know that off-the-shelf legal solutions are no longer enough to meet these challenges. Teams of experts with a broad vision, in-depth expertise and a keen eye to responsibly identify and address society’s needs, must be part of the discussion. Now more than ever. We are proud of the people at De Brauw who combine their skills to deliver sustainable solutions for the benefit and long term success of our clients.


An overview of the Crystal Ball Gazing topics:

  • Corporate governance in 2020: issues for boards to address
  • M&A: What to watch for in 2020
  • Competition authorities on the heels of digital economy: is over-regulation next?
  • Level playing field against unfair competition from outside EU: A look ahead at 2020
  • Security concerns and strategic interests: Growing impact on international trade and M&A
  • New decade brings changes to patent and copyright regimes at European level
  • Anti-money laundering: in 2020 Legal entities in the Netherlands to become more transparent
  • A maturing legal tech market in 2020: Getting ever more intelligent
  • ESG Investing: “There can be no plan B because there is no planet B”
  • Modernising company law in 2020 and beyond
  • High time for leadership and courage to deal with complex environmental issues
  • Class action exposure: a growing threat to companies dealing with consumer data
  • Balancing act: New labour law in 2020
  • The Netherlands set to continue EU focus on business rescue
  • Dutch tax climate to turn colder this year: will it be an annus horribilis for multinationals?


You can download the Crystal Ball Gazing 2020  by clicking on the image below:


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