The Fintech landscape

June 19, 2019

There are several thriving fintech hubs in the Netherlands, such as Amsterdam (centre of the Dutch financial sector), Delft and
Eindhoven (technical universities). For some time now, we have seen a lot of activity in the fields of advanced analytics, blockchain, mobile, biometrics, robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Fintech has thus gained a steady foothold in the Netherlands, and all sorts of fintech businesses have emerged in the Dutch market


As such, the Netherlands is home to “traditional” fintech businesses (payments, asset management, credit provision, etc.) – of which payments unicorn Adyen is a prime example – as well as more specialised forms of financial innovators, operating under buzzing common denominators, such as InsurTech, BigTech, PensionTech, LegalTech and RegTech.



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Source: The International Comparative Legal Guide to: Fintech 2019, 3rd Edition, published in May 2019

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