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Legal protection and the need for whistleblowers in Europe

December 9, 2013
In context

Whistleblowers are important players in national and global efforts to fight corruption, as they risk their careers and personal safety to expose wrongdoing. Transparency International’s recent report indicates that only four EU countries have advanced legal frameworks for whistleblower protection.

Transparency International’s report is entitled: Whistleblowing in Europe: and the legal protections for whistleblowers in the EU and is an overall assessment of the adequacy of whistleblower protection laws of 27 EU member states.


The main goals of the research were to:

  • pinpoint legislative and regulatory gaps around which efforts can be planned and implemented
  • highlight best practices currently being utilised and under consideration
  • identify opportunities where the perception of whistleblowing and whistleblower protection laws can be enhanced


The report sets out:

  • national whistleblower laws and regulations as applied in each country
  • areas where gaps and weaknesses in laws and regulations can be addressed
  • a snapshot of the perception of whistleblowing and whistleblowers among citizens, the media and decision- makers
  • the level of political will to protect whistleblowers and enforce whistleblower protection laws


Multinational companies operating in the countries covered by the report may find the report a practical tool in guiding them to verify their compliance with local whistleblowing protection requirements.

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