15 October 2013

Battle won in capsule war

On 10 October 2013, the Board of Appeal of the European Patent Office in Munich revoked one of the patents relied upon by Nestlé in its various attempts to block the sale of capsules compatible with its Nespresso-machine.

Since the introduction by D.E MASTER BLENDERS 1753 (DEMB) of capsules compatible with Nestlé’s Nespresso machines in the spring of 2010, DEMB has been involved in a series of legal disputes with Nestlé. These disputes are being litigated before national courts in many of the countries where DEMB has since introduced its capsules. In these disputes, De Brauw fulfills a key role as lead counsel for DEMB. With the recent revocation, Nestlé has lost one of the main rights relied upon by it in those national proceedings.

The D.E MASTER BLENDERS 1753 team      
Gertjan Kuipers, Douwe Groenevelt, Bart de Rijke, Richard van Staden ten Brink, Astrid Janssen, Margot Kokke and many others involved in related matters.