15 February 2018

RELX announces simplification of corporate structure

RELX NV and RELX PLC announced a further simplification of their corporate structure, moving from the current dual parent holding company structure to a single parent company. The simplification was implemented through a cross-border legal merger between RELX NV and RELX PLC which, resulted in RELX PLC becoming the sole parent company of RELX Group. RELX group chose for a British nationality for the future.

Team: Paul Sleurink, Reinier Kleipool and Lodewijk Hijmans van den Bergh.

Read more here.

RELX NV shareholders received one RELX PLC share for each RELX NV share held. RELX PLC will continue to have a premium listing on the London Stock Exchange, and will apply for an additional listing of RELX PLC shares on Euronext Amsterdam.

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