Jan Marten van Dijk earns Ph.D. with dissertation on Dutch legal opinion giver’s duty of care

June 21, 2016

Jan Marten van Dijk obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Amsterdam on 21 June 2016, with a dissertation about opinions, and his research into the opinion giver’s duty of care.

It is not just a scholarly essay; it is above all a practical handbook in which Jan Marten explains what an opinion is and what components are included in it. He also explains the dangers that are pointed out by opinions and those that are not addressed by it. And explains why this is the case. Thus, Jan Marten’s dissertation gives the opinion giver something to hold on to when drafting an opinion. Experienced opinion givers can further sharpen their minds about opinions. For inexperienced opinion givers Jan Marten’s dissertation offers a safe starting point for their practice. His dissertation also guides the person who receives opinions in what to expect from an opinion.


The commercial edition of the dissertation, entitled “Over opinions – Handleiding voor het opstellen en beoordelen van Nederlandsrechtelijke legal opinions” – is published by Boom Juridisch.

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