Schiphol Group – Aéroports de Paris

November 1, 2008

De Brauw has advised Schiphol Group on the intended industrial cooperation alliance with Aéroports de Paris.

Under this agreement Schiphol Group will acquire 8% of Aéroports de Paris share capital from the French state for a total investment of EUR 530 million, while Aéoports de Paris will acquire 8% of Schiphol Group share capital through a reserved capital increase, which represents an investment totalling EUR 370 million.


According to Schiphol Group, the alliance represents a new opportunity to improve operations and competitiveness in the new worldwide airport landscape, after Schiphol Group saw its plans for an IPO – on which De Brauw also acted as counsel of the Schiphol Group – shelved by the Municipality of Amsterdam m 2006.


Team: Arne Grimme, Dirk Meerburg (lead partners)
Kees Groffen, Dieter Wolff, Jolling de Pree

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