13 July 2016

Public can give feedback on new environmental law decrees

The new Environmental and Planning Act will fundamentally change the system of environmental law. The new Act itself offers few substantive standards, and primarily serves as a basis for the following four additional decrees: het Omgevingsbesluit (an environmental and planning decree); het Besluit kwaliteit leefomgeving (a decree on the quality of the living environment); het Besluit activiteiten leefomgeving (a decree on activities in the living environment); and het Besluit bouwwerken leefomgeving (a decree on buildings in the living environment).
The four decrees will to a great extent determine the content of the new environmental law. The draft decrees are open for public consultation until 16 September 2016. This means that now is the time for exerting real influence on the material standards in the new environmental law system.

The four Decree’s regulate the following subjects: