René Maatman


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+31 20 577 1551
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+31 20 577 1775
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+31 6 2250 8368

Advocaat, admitted to the Bar in 2012
Partner since
Pension law, pension fund governance, corporate governance, asset management, financial regulation
Dutch, English, German
University of Nijmegen (Ph.D)

René Maatman, a specialist in pensions and pension law, advises companies, pension funds and pension providers, including asset managers.

Before joining De Brauw, René was a board member of the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) from 2008-2012. His responsibilities included public offerings, market surveillance (including filing requirements, market manipulation and insider trading) and financial infrastructure. During his term at the AFM, René chaired ESMA’s Standing Committee on Corporate Finance.

From 1994-2008, René was Chief Counsel at ABP Investments. ABP is the Dutch pension fund for public employees and ranks among the world’s largest institutional investors. He was a member of the Dutch Corporate Governance Code Monitoring Committee, also known as the Frijns Committee.

René’s PhD dissertation “Dutch Pension Funds, fiduciary duties and investing” was published in 2004. He publishes regularly in Dutch law journals on asset management, corporate governance, pension fund governance and financial oversight.

In addition to being a partner at De Brauw, René is professor of Pension Matters and Asset Management at Radboud University of Nijmegen. He holds the research chair on the private law principles of asset management, governance, pension matters and financial oversight.