Financial Institutions

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Subject to a myriad of ever-evolving regulations affecting their products, services, governance and processes, financial institutions need lawyers with a deep understanding of the specific challenges, opportunities, and the continual developments faced by the financial sector.

As leading experts in their respective fields of legal practice, our integrated, multidisciplinary practice has advised on the most important deals in the market and has an established track record working both alongside, and within, major financial institutions.

In addition to market leading regulatory expertise, dispute resolution also constitutes a core component of the practice as we successfully represent major financial institutions in litigation, arbitration and mediation around the globe.

Our Financial Institutions practice is also part of the European Financial Institutions Group of our Best Friends Network.

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Banking, Finance & Debt Capital Markets

Few firms in the Netherlands can match the quality of our people and our leading position across the full range of corporate, asset and project financing, debt restructuring, and debt capital markets. Our integrated Banking, Finance & Debt Capital Markets practice has a multidisciplinary team dedicated to the design, negotiation and documentation of both general corporate finance transactions and complex high-impact finance transactions.

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Investment Management

Against a continually changing legal, economic and regulatory backdrop, our Investment Management experts are at the forefront of all new developments across the full fund lifecycle.

Our Investment Management Experts
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We advise many of the largest internationally operating insurance groups and financial institutions based in the Netherlands (to include the largest healthcare insurer in the Netherlands) on the application of the rules and regulations on the supervision of financial markets. Our clients trust us with significant mergers and acquisitions, regulatory capital-raising transactions, large outsourcing arrangements, global custody and securities lending, and investment management mandates. Clients also recognise our expertise when seeking advice on which complex supervisory rules they are subject to.

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16 September 2020

Focus on sustainability – looking at 2020 so far

Sustainability interests and environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors have become mainstream and are an increasing area of attention for companies. Recent developments, in particular the COVID-19 pandemic and the rise of the BLM movement, cast more light on corporate resilience, purpose and responsibility and on companies' impact on their stakeholders, the wider society and the environment. So how will corporates and financial institutions navigate the many policy areas, dilemmas and views that relate to sustainability? And how should boards view their ESG duties and responsibilities in the context of recent developments? In this article, we discuss some of the most eye-catching legislative sustainability developments in the first half of 2020. We look at the 2020 AGM season, Dutch and European legislation, and the current focus of financial supervisory authorities on sustainability risks.
10 July 2020

Dutch Supreme Court: credit claims can be assigned and securitisation vehicle has duty of care

The Supreme Court decided on 10 July 2020 that banks can validly assign credit claims to non-banks, also if the underlying loans are non-performing or have been terminated. It also decided that if the assignee is not a bank, it can be required to observe the same duty of care towards debtors as would apply to a bank under the given circumstances. As such, the Supreme Court's decision not only confirms existing practice, but also provides guidance for future securitisations of Dutch loans.
7 July 2020

Dutch legal entities to register their ultimate beneficial owners from 27 September 2020

The UBO register, to be kept by the Trade Register, will become operational in the Netherlands as per this date, and all Dutch legal entities, including foundations, will have to register. Each legal entity has its own definition of a UBO, but common across all these definitions is that the UBO is a natural person who ultimately owns or controls the entity. If there is no UBO based on this definition, a "pseudo-UBO" must be appointed. All managing directors and managing partners – at any type of entity – will be regarded as pseudo-UBO.