Value pricing

Our objective is to offer our clients value for money. To help achieve this, and also to accelerate our continuous drive to deliver our services in the most effective and cost-efficient way, we offer a full spectrum of fee arrangement possibilities.

While in some matters it may be most suitable to align our clients’ interests with our own through a risk and success sharing arrangement, in certain matters clients might be best served with a fixed price. In other matters, hourly billing might be the most appropriate fee arrangement.

In general, we’re seeing a trend away from hourly billing as a default, and moving towards value pricing. We’re happy to discuss the most appropriate fee arrangement in every matter, and we are happy to collaborate with our clients on this vital step on the road to better aligning our fee structures with what our clients value.

Achieving optimal results for our clients, making our clients’ legal spend more predictable and manageable, and better aligning our interests with those of our clients are our top priorities.

Would you like more information? Please contact Michaël van Leeuwen, Pricing Manager.