Law Assistant - Litigation

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We are looking for a student to support our Litigation department. This is your chance to work on a challenging litigation matter, with a multidisciplinary, dynamic and international project team, to whom you will provide hands-on legal support.

You will be employed as a law assistant on a part-time basis, for a period of at least six-months.

The practice
You will actively support lawyers in one ongoing litigation concerning follow on-claims in competition law. You will get exposure to how De Brauw acts as lead counsel on mass claims proceedings involving multiple jurisdictions.

What can you expect as a law assistant
Your activities as a law assistant consist of a combination of ‘know-how’ related work and assisting lawyers in the group’s daily practice (including literature and case law research, the preparation of presentations, memo’s and writing newsletters). The law assistant will also be responsible for participating in meetings, drafting minutes, monitoring deadlines, reviewing the latest developments and providing input to the team, monitoring the development of drafts, review exhibits, working with fact-finding, updating databases, and be responsible for filing.

In addition to being capable of dealing with a challenging subject matter, the law assistant also needs to perform a number of administrative tasks pertaining to complex project management. These tasks include filing and organising proceedings with a number of exhibits (in addition to being able to examine them), drafting summaries of important developments (including developments in case law), keeping track of multiple deadlines (internal, client, and court deadlines), as well as of the submissions' drafting process and review.

As a law assistant, you will be able to participate fully in all of our educational and social programmes (both those which are practice specific, and those arranged for the whole firm). You will also participate in our Introduction Day, and have the opportunity to meet other colleagues starting at the same time, in different roles across the firm. Ideally you will share a room with one of our lawyers, and be able to accompany them to any court hearings and client meetings.

However, to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of all of our employees (and to comply with national restrictions on working practice during the pandemic), remote working or a hybrid arrangement may be necessary. We use the latest tools and applications to connect, collaborate and work together and would ask for your flexibility and tenacity to embrace whatever the current remote or hybrid working arrangements may be at the time that you start.

The requirements
If you are:

  • a student in the final year of a bachelor's degree, with a strong academic record;
  • eager and excited to learn;
  • meticulous and well-organised;
  • proactive and flexible;
  • interested in corporate law;
  • a great team-player;
  • available for two/three days per week (availability on Mondays is required);
  • enthusiastic and driven;
  • and you have excellent English skills (with German and/or Spanish skills being a great asset),

then we very much look forward to hearing from you.

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Sophia Schumacher

Recruitment Adviser (Campus)