Collaboration tools

Being client-centred means we don’t work on and develop processes that help only De Brauw. If a matter so requires, we have the right tools in place to go onsite to help design and improve the processes on the client side as well. Forming strong and ongoing relationships with our clients is key to our success, and is why we work alongside our clients to create the right collaboration tools for each matter.


Our platforms allow us to work with our clients and local counsel as a virtual team, where we can share documents, track a matter’s status and plan and communicate with our clients effectively and efficiently. Our adoption of legal tech has been important in developing tools and services for our clients. Our clients know that we will always search for and use technology and tools that will improve their client experience and our processes. If a client’s matter requires extensive data review, the LPM and FlexPool team will always use the latest and best legal technology available.


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