Legal Project Management and Cost management tools

Our clients want value for their money. And while we take on complex cases, our clients don’t want complex processes. Their desires are simple: reliability in cost predictions, access to the status of their case, and regular communication with the legal team.


Clients also want real-time financial information for each relevant workstream – including the ongoing cost of local counsel and third party vendors. This is why we continuously develop tools that show the client the right information they need to know as it happens.


We also have a Transactional Services Team that plays a key role in making sure that the due diligence process and the transaction itself is carried out as efficiently as possible. This means discussing the specific needs of the clients at the outset and selecting the right person at De Brauw to oversee the process and maintain regular contact with our clients, as needed.


For more information about legal project management at De Brauw, please contact our Legal Project Management team at


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