Value pricing

With some of our client relationships going back nearly 150 years, we know that trust forms the foundation of our value delivery: our clients get value in the advice we give, the tools we develop, the way we communicate with them, and how we handle their case. But clients also need to know that their money is being well spent. And that means being efficient in the way we price a project.


To make sure that clients are always well-informed, we continuously seek new ways to deliver services in the most effective and cost-efficient way. By listening to our clients, we are able to better align our work with their interests. This means sitting with our clients before a project begins, identifying their needs and coming back to them with a price that reflects the value they can expect from De Brauw. This way, we and our clients can be efficient with our time and resources. While at the same time, achieving the best results for our clients thereby making their legal spend more predictable and manageable.


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