International arbitration

Our international arbitration practice group is one of the most active practices operating worldwide. We handle numerous arbitrations under various legal systems and in many different countries. One of our key success factors is our focus on commercial aspects. We ensure that we know the economic and technical details of the matter even better than leading experts and fact witnesses, and base our strategy on that knowledge.

We are a world leader in price review arbitrations. As one of the first firms to recognise this field of arbitration, our practice in the energy sector, particularly in price review arbitrations, remains second to none.

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Our arbitration group includes lawyers from a wide range of jurisdictions, such as, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Russia, the Netherlands and the UK.

Since we staff our cases more efficiently than our competitors our total fees have regularly proven to be significantly lower than the costs incurred by our clients’ opponents. This is evidenced by the statements of costs that the parties submit to the arbitral tribunal at the end of each arbitration.

We handle most of our cases based on alternative fee arrangements such as fixed fees per phase or success fees.

Our arbitration group also forms part of the Best Friends International Arbitration Group. The Best Friends International Arbitration Group is a cooperation of six leading independent law firms in the areas of international commercial arbitration and investment arbitration, providing clients with integrated cross-jurisdictional dispute resolution services as required.