International arbitration

Built firmly upon roots laid down in The Hague more than a century ago, the international arbitration team of De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek is now one of the most active practices operating in the world today.

We advise a diversity of clients in relation to complex and strategic cases across numerous legal systems and countries. Driven by curiosity and a thirst for new challenges, we work across a variety of sectors; focusing on where we can make a difference rather than where we’re comfortable. Together we are an international group of critical and independent thinkers who are never afraid to be outspoken in pursuit of the right strategy.


With more than 25 different nationalities and languages spoken within our team, when we say we have an international practice, we’re not exaggerating. And on top of that, our lawyers come from varied educational and industry backgrounds, including many with qualifications outside law. It’s this diversity that leads to truly creative solutions. Do we always agree? Absolutely not. But we never see opposing views as a problem, knowing that they’re a necessity in getting to the right answer. And while we’re a group of individual voices and independent thinkers, we’re united in our drive to deliver the best outcome for our clients.


Are we the best? You’d have to ask our clients and peers what they think. Do we work on (and win) some of the largest and most complex disputes in the world? That’s for certain. Never looking for the easy wins, we thrive on challenges. Why settle for an easy life, when you can have an interesting one? After all, you can’t bring a fresh perspective if you’re always looking at the same landscape.

Clearly beats its competitors in professionalism, preparedness, power of argumentation, alertness, tactics and thorough appreciation and understanding of the issues at stake
Global Arbitration Review


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