We are proud to embrace our role in society

As lawyers, we are strongly committed to a sense of justice and to a “true sentiment of the heart, enlightened by reason”. Although we are for-profit law firm, actively practicing in a commercial and competitive market, we are also more than that.

This sentiment, this dedication to the pursuit of justice, means that we provide start-ups with impact, and organisations and individuals who have limited access to the justice system with pro bono legal advice during our working hours.

We also support our clients to develop, launch and strengthen their own social responsibility initiatives and projects.


Marjolein Portman

Senior Associate

Recent Matters

2 December 2020

Dutch government issues public apology to transgender and intersex community

We feel privileged that we have been able to assist the transgender and intersex community in obtaining acknowledgement, apologies and financial compensation from the Dutch government for the pain and suffering inflicted by the former Transgender Act.
19 July 2019

Supreme Court confirms Dutch State liability in Mothers of Srebrenica ruling

The Supreme Court announced its final ruling in one of De Brauw's ongoing pro bono matters: the Mothers of Srebrenica versus the Dutch State.This landmark ruling confirms the decision of The Hague Court of Appeal that the Dutch State is liable for the losses suffered by the relatives of the 350 Muslim men that were forced to leave the compound of Dutchbat on 13 July 1995. However, the Supreme Court limited the State’s liability to 10%. Both the Dutch State and the Mothers of Srebrenica had appealed this decision, arguing the extent to which the Dutch State had control over the situation and thus was responsible for protecting the Muslim men from being murdered by the Bosnian Serbs, with the consequence of holding the State liable for either more or fewer deaths. The chapter now closes on the battle we started out on together with the Mothers of Srebrenica in 2017 to defend the Court of Appeal's decision to keep the Dutch State accountable for Dutchbat's actions. Johan Valk was involved from an early stage and reflects on this ruling: "This matter was extremely complex and inherently emotional. At the same time, chances of survival in different scenarios were boiled down to percentages. The experience and expertise of our firm have been key to be able to navigate this playing field in front of the Supreme Court. Being able to give access to that level of the justice system is a responsibility we need to take seriously as a firm, and I think we do. I am grateful that we were able to help give these brave women a voice and the possibility to confront the Dutch State with its actions. We are glad that the Court of Appeal's decision to hold the Dutch State responsible still stands, even though we aimed to extend the State's responsibility much further than ten percent. I sincerely hope the Mothers of Srebrenica will now find a sense of closure." The De Brauw team working on this matter consisted of: Jan de Bie Leuveling Tjeenk, Maarten Schenck, Johan Valk and Christiaan Russcher.

Pro Bono Programme of the Year

Chambers Europe Awards, 2019
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The Invictus Games 2022

The Invictus Games is an international sporting event for serving and veteran, wounded, injured and sick, service-personnel.

We invest in relationships of trust with our clients through profound engagement with their business. It harnesses the power of sport to inspire recovery, support rehabilitation and ignite a wider understanding and a deeper respect for those who serve their country. As such, we understand that beyond sport, the Games are a platform that can enlarge mindsets and inspire society, and we are proud to play our part.

Our collaboration with the Invictus Games started shortly after the initiators (Mart de Kruif, Conny Wenting and Pim Versteeg) succeeded to bring this inspiring and international event to the Netherlands. The international, public and specialist nature of this event makes legal support a challenging responsibility, notwithstanding the additional layer of complexity contributed by the pandemic. We are committed to provide pro bono legal support to oversee the Games' contractual relations with the Netherlands, their partners and suppliers, and to act as a strategic sounding board for the organisers as they navigate the logistical and legal framework in the countdown to delivery.

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The Ocean Cleanup

Over 5 trillion pieces of plastic currently litter the world’s oceans. The purpose of The Ocean Cleanup – whose founder received the United Nations Champions of the Earth Award winner – is to rid the oceans of that plastic. We are proud to play a role in this ambitious goal of cleaning up the world’s oceans.

Our collaboration with The Ocean Cleanup dates back to early 2015, when it was still a small start-up. As their preferred legal service provider we act as trusted adviser to their General Counsel and Management Team. We have been involved with many different legal matters from drafting and intellectual property matters, to corporate restructuring and contacts with public authorities. We have also been involved with patenting the new technology and insuring risky ocean survey operations.

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Impact Hub

Impact Hub is a locally-rooted and globally-connected entrepreneurial network. From Amsterdam to Johannesburg, Singapore to San Francisco, Impact Hub is a rapidly expanding, diverse global network of over 16,000+ members in 100+ locations. All their members work towards enabling tangible positive impact in six impact areas, guided by the Sustainable Development Goals.

Together with their partners, Impact Hub aims to strengthen entrepreneurial ecosystems around the world, inspire collaboration around key issues between unlikely allies, and support impact-driven entrepreneurs on their journey from idea to impact at scale.

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Marjolein Portman

Senior Associate

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