15 April 2024

De Brauw pro bono team assists in creation of family charity Het Jeroen Pit Huis

Wiebe DijkstraPeter Spijker+ 4 other experts

Het Jeroen Pit Huis supports seriously ill children and their parents in making the transition from hospital to home. The charity offers medical education, supervision and assistance and, above all, a safe place where ill children can feel like a child again.

After spending long periods in hospital, all seriously ill children want to go home with their families as soon as possible. But as they often need ongoing intensive, high-quality medical care, returning home is difficult for many families. Parents suddenly find themselves having to care for their child 24/7, while work, household duties, and caring for the rest of the family continue as usual.

The stress and uncertainty that this situation brings can greatly affect a family, often causing psychological, social, financial or relationship problems during an already difficult period. Needless to say, the situation can be stressful and disruptive for these children, their families and the healthcare system in general.

With a care and residence facility containing eight family apartments on the grounds of the Amsterdam UMC, Het Jeroen Pit Huis has a special room for the child; and each apartment has a living room with a pantry, and a bedroom for parents and any siblings. There are also a number of central facilities such as a large family kitchen and living room, a garden and a multipurpose room. Fifty to seventy sick children and their families are expected to temporarily stay in the apartments each year.

Het Jeroen Pit Huis was conceived and set up by, among others, Emilie van Karnebeek. It is named after Emilie's late husband, Jeroen Pit. We are proud that De Brauw teams with a range of expertise were able to assist Het Jeroen Pit Huis in realising this remarkable, impactful project.