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GRIT AND PASSION. Curious and courageous. THIS IS US. AND YOU?

Student Opportunities

Would you like to 'earn while you learn' and take the opportunity to get to know us? Explore working with us on a short-term basis as a Law Assistant or Student Trainee.


Legal Professionals

What do you need to thrive? Where can you invest yourself and your experiences, and keep learning? Do you have what it takes to be part of our De Brauwerij programme?


Business Professionals

Are you a lifelong learner, excited by a challenge: ready to play your part? We may have just the opportunity for you to invest yourself and your experiences, and keep learning.

Still Maartje and Neil

be you and join us

We celebrate difference and aim to hire the best talent regardless, we all are invested to see each other succeed. Our culture is one where diversity of thinking, an entrepreneurial spirit and an inclusive environment fuel a sense of belonging: a place where everybody has an equal opportunity to contribute, and to thrive.

Behind the scenes, with our non-hierarchical meritocracy, relatively flat structure and open-door policy, we are surprisingly friendly. From our lockstep salaries to our definition of 'opportunity' as being open to all - we are committed to see you grow.

Behind the scenes

Still Grit
Grit is a key ingredient

The challenge? To get the best out of yourself

Still Passion
Passion on track

You will grow: a very steep learning curve

Still Mentoring
Mentoring as our model

There is always someone there to help you along the way


Our open door policy also applies to you. How can we help? What else would you like to know? Reach out to one of our Recruiters. What are you waiting for?