Event 1 September 2022

Master Class Programme 2022 - September - December

For each Master Class we will inform you well in advance if the Master Class will be held online or at our Amsterdam office. We will limit attendance to create interaction during these Master Classes, allowing everyone to share experiences and interact with fellow participants as well as speakers. The Master Classes will be in English. All sessions are held on Thursday and Friday mornings, from 8:30 to 10:00 online or from 08:30 - 10:30 at our Amsterdam office.
Event 13 September 2022

Master Class - Rules of conduct for inhouse-Lawyers | Latest developments

This Master Class is meant for in-house lawyers, and will provide participants with an update on current developments in the Dutch rules of conduct for lawyers. Jonathan Soeharno will be speaking at this event.
Event 22 September 2022

Master Class - Group companies - governance and responsibilities

This Master Class focusses on the legal and governance aspects of groups of companies and discusses recent legal developments and trends. In addition, Sven Dumoulin and Reinier Kleipool will discuss an extensive list of practical legal and governance matters that need to be addressed when advising and operating a group of companies, such as (i) the composition of the boards of the various sorts of legal entities in the group (e.g. sub-holding companies, operating entities, JV's, other participations), (ii) how the parent company can exercise control over the group, (iii) what to do when the legal structure of the group does not align with the management structure of the business, (iv) how to deal with the structure regime and ensure compliance with its mandatory provisions.
Event 29 September 2022

Master Class - Legal privilege

As fundamental as legal privilege may be, this cornerstone of the legal system is under pressure. Judges, regulators and the public test the boundaries of the protection offered by legal privilege. The increasing use of actions for the disclosure of documents often leads to privilege challenges. The recent decision of the Supreme Court on the legal privilege of foreign in-house counsel is just one example.This can have a profound impact on communications with in-house counsel and external counsel. Companies relying on legal privilege are well-advised to be mindful of its limits and to implement strategies safeguarding it.In this Master Class Martje Verhoeven - de Vries Lentsch & Eelco Meerdink will discuss the most recent developments, navigate the limits of legal privilege and develop practical strategies to safeguard it. We will discuss real-life examples and invite you to share your questions and experiences, and will provide practical key takeaways to protect legal privilege in this challenging and changing environment.
Event 4 October 2022

Master Class - Investment Screening in M&A

Prompted and accelerated by a host of geopolitical factors, governments have stepped up scrutiny of foreign direct investment over the past five years. In a clear response to increased sensitivity, many European countries, including the Netherlands, recently introduced screening laws or intensified the use of existing mechanisms. The proliferation of direct investment rules has made it more difficult to manage and coordinate regulatory reviews in global M&A transactions. We are pleased to invite you to join us for this Master Class, where we will share best practices for coordinating multi-stakeholder interests in investment screenings and discuss how to best navigate foreign investment laws in M&A transactions.
Event 13 October 2022

Master Class - ESG and financial institutions

This Master Class is the fourth of our six part series on ESG. With the first three sessions looking at the ESG framework, the enforcement of ESG through mandatory disclosures, and substantive obligations, this fourth session will look at the obligations that financial institutions in relation to ESG.The financial sector is taking great strides in driving the transition towards a sustainable society, in line with the policymaking goal of ensuring that they be a catalyst for that change. The Dutch Climate commitment of the financial sector as part of the climate accord, with Minister Kaag's recent parliamentary letter on the subject, seems to be firmly steering the role of the financial sector.
Event 1 November 2022

Master Class - Public M&A

Arne Grimme & Jaap Barneveld will be speaking at this event. More information will follow.
Event 3 November 2022

Master Class - Anti-bribery and anti-corruption: global update

Patrick Ploeger will be speaking at this event. More information will follow.
Event 8 November 2022

Master Class - ESG and sustainable finance

Ferdinand Hengst, Bas Boutellier & Savan van de Put will be speaking at this event. More information will follow.
Event 10 November 2022

Master Class - Public access to government information

Arjan Kleinhout & Jasper van Uden will be speaking at this event. More information will follow.
Event 17 November 2022

Master Class - Market abuse regulation in practice

Roan Lamp & Josse Klijnsma will be speaking at this event. More information will follow.
Event 24 November 2022

Master Class - Developments in works council co-determination

Barbara Kloppert & Anna Gorgun will be speaking at this event. More information will follow.