Event 14 May 2024

Masterclass - Mediation and ADR

Dispute resolution by courts and arbitral tribunals continues to get more expensive and time-consuming, leading to sub-optimal results and strained business relationships. Businesses are looking for alternative ways to resolve their disputes, and there are various efficient, cost-effective and flexible options that can be tailored to the relationship while maintaining confidentiality. But where to start? Regardless of whether you are curious to learn more about ADR or are already an active user, this Masterclass will give you some new perspectives and add to your understanding of the various ADR processes available. You will learn more about what you should consider when choosing a specific process, and about how to increase the chances of a successful outcome.Marnix Leijten & Martje Verhoeven-de Vries Lentsch will be speaking at this event.
Event 16 May 2024

Masterclass - Public access to government information

Arjan Kleinhout & Jasper van Uden will be speaking at this event.
Event 21 May 2024

Masterclass - Hot topics in competition law

Competition rules have not changed, but how they are applied has. The European Commission and national competition authorities have started to look at new areas such as labour markets and below-threshold mergers. There are clear indications that the more lenient effects-based approach towards abuse of dominance will become a thing of the past after the publication of the new Commission guidelines. The European regulator's new role under the Foreign Subsidies Regulation has already resulted in many more notifications than expected, while digital gatekeepers have to deal with new Commission powers under the Digital Markets Act.
Event 30 May 2024

Masterclass - Trends and hot topics in corporate litigation

Sven Dumoulin & Jeroen van der Schrieck will be speaking at this event.
Event 11 June 2024

Masterclass - Liability insurance for Corporates

Eelco Meerdink & Remco Kloppenburg will be speaking at this event.
Event 18 June 2024

Masterclass - FIG Update

Pete Lawley and Mariska Enzerink will be speaking at this event.
Event 20 June 2024

Masterclass - Energy litigation

Martje Verhoeven-de Vries Lentsch & Arjan Kleinhout will be speaking at this event.
Event 25 June 2024

Masterclass - The role of the works council in the wider corporate group

Barbara Kloppert & Rick van 't Wout will be speaking at this event.
Event 27 June 2024

Masterclass - Position of individuals in criminal prosecutions

Roan Lamp will be speaking at this event.
Event 2 July 2024

Masterclass - Trends in private M&A and private equity

Pete Lawley & Lennard Keijzer will be speaking at this event.
Event 4 July 2024

Masterclass - Corporate law update

Constantijn Voogt, Peter Nolten & Angela van Breda will be speaking at this event.