Event 1 January 2023

Masterclass Programme 2023 Q3 & Q4

De Brauw Masterclasses – offered to a select group of clients – are given on a range of topics by our own specialists. In a series of two-hour sessions, our clients learn all about the latest developments in areas of law that most affect them. Most Masterclasses are held either online (on Thursdays) or at our Amsterdam office (on Fridays) and will be in English. These Masterclasses are interactive in nature, allowing participants to share their experiences.
Event 7 September 2023

Masterclass - Anti-bribery update

During this Masterclass on global trends in anti-bribery and anti-corruption (ABAC) enforcement, Roan Lamp and Marnix Somsen will discuss recent developments in ABAC enforcement and policy in key jurisdictions, including the Netherlands. The US remains an important jurisdiction in this regard. Enforcement is however also increasing in other important jurisdictions, including in emerging markets. They will also discuss the important topic of ABAC compliance expectations.
Event 13 September 2023

Masterclass - Mediation & other forms of dispute resolution

Alternative dispute resolution is a cooperative and constructive approach to conflict resolution. There are various efficient, cost-effective and relationship-oriented ways to resolve disputes, allowing for flexibility and customization while maintaining confidentiality. Whether you are an active user or are curious to learn more about ADR, this Masterclass will enhance your understanding of the various forms of ADR and what to consider when choosing a specific method. During this Masterclass Martje Verhoeven-de Vries Lentsch & Marnix Leijten will discuss key considerations and what parties and counsel can do to increase the chances of a successful outcome, based on lessons learned from practice.
Event 21 September 2023

Masterclass - Navigating uncertainties

Higher interest rates, supply chain issues and declining consumer demand are just some of the recent trends weighing down on the financial outlook of even the most successful companies. The multi-faceted uncertainty in today’s markets requires that boards of directors take a different perspective. They will need to focus more on “what if” scenarios, understanding how vulnerable their business is to knock-on effects on supply chain or financing, and have at least a general game plan ready should trends continue downwards.In this Masterclass, our finance and restructuring experts Ferdinand Hengst and Ryanne Elkerbout - Kok will discuss lessons learned from their practice showing how management boards, treasury departments and legal counsel can ensure – with limited effort now – a fast and effective response to potential and unexpected funding concerns in the future. Many seemingly resilient companies have seen ordinary liabilities become their "black swan" event. Ferdinand and Ryanne will share some practical desktop preparations to help management boards come to the table prepared and strengthen the company's structure before – not during – the storm.
Event 28 September 2023

Masterclass - Trending topics in the loan market

Ferdinand Hengst & Bas Boutellier will be speaking at this event. More information will follow.
Event 3 October 2023

Masterclass - Avoiding construction disputes – lessons learnt from litigation and projects in distress

During this Masterclass Sebastien Davys - Brown & Bommel van der Bend intend to address a number of topics during this Masterclass including: (i) the choice of contract and its effect on disputes (ii) the use of dispute avoidance and adjudication boards during construction projects, (iii) what is 'legal position' and its relevance to construction projects in distress, and (iv) common strategies used in construction projects to avoid disputes.
Event 5 October 2023

Masterclass - W&I insurance claims

This Masterclass will focus on recent trends in W&I insurance claims as well as approaches and strategies for insured parties when making claims under a policy of W&I insurance. Dennis Horeman & Heather Giannandrea will be speaking at this event. More information will follow.
Event 12 October 2023

Masterclass - Remuneration

Sven Dumoulin, Tijmen Klein Bronsvoort & Rick van 't Wout will be speaking at this event. During this Masterclass they will discuss key topics and developments around remuneration, such as the remuneration policy, the remuneration report, Say-on-Pay, and LTIPs. They will also dive into topics such as Equal Pay and reporting requirements. In this Masterclass, Tijmen, Sven and Rick will focus on those topics that are relevant to listed companies.
Event 31 October 2023

Masterclass - Collective industrial actions: the right of the employer to initiate actions and countermeasures

Stefan Sagel & Rik van Haeringen will be speaking at this event. More information will follow.
Event 2 November 2023

Masterclass - Initial experiences with the Unified Patent Court

Anne Marie Verschuur & Bertrand ter Woort will be speaking at this event. More information will follow.
Event 7 November 2023

Masterclass - Trends in US and global criminal & regulatory enforcement

Marnix Somsen will be speaking at this event. More information will follow.
Event 9 November 2023

Masterclass - Public M&A

Arne Grimme & Jaap Barneveld will be speaking at this event. More information will follow.