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… not afraid to be outspoken in pursuit of the right strategy: driven by curiosity and a thirst for new challenges. Our globally renowned Arbitration practice operates across international borders and in different legal systems, across a variety of sectors on institutional, ad hoc and investor-state arbitrations.

We focus on where we can make a difference. From energy majors and technology companies, through to financial institutions and States, our clients rely on us to handle their most complex and strategic cases. Are we the best? You would have to ask our clients and our peers what they think. Do we work on (and win) some of the largest and most complex disputes in the world? Absolutely.

Successful arbitration requires much more than just being experts in the law. Our team, the client and external industry experts all immerse ourselves in the full context of the case. The right dynamic can make all the difference. In understanding every chapter, issue, and theme that collides in the facts of the matter, we offer arbitrators our client's story with conviction and legal pragmatism.


Marnix Leijten

Managing Partner

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Recent Matters

28 October 2019

De Brauw advises Yarden Holding

27 March 2018

AkzoNobel sale of Specialty Chemicals to The Carlyle Group and GIC for EUR 10.1 billion

AkzoNobel announced the sale of 100% of its Specialty Chemicals business to The Carlyle Group and GIC for an enterprise value of EUR 10.1 billion. This transaction creates two focused and high performing businesses – Paints and Coatings, and Specialty Chemicals – as part of its strategy announced in April 2017. The transaction is expected to be completed before the end of 2018.Team: Gaby Smeenk, Arne Grimme, Martin van Olffen, Henk van Ravenhorst, Reinier Kleipool, Janneke van der Kroon, Martijn Snoep, Heather Giannandrea and Thijs Elseman. For more information, read here.
8 January 2018

Altice N.V spin-off its 67.2% interest in Altice USA

Altice N.V. to spin-off its 67.2% interest in Altice USA, Inc. (5.3 million shares of Class A Common Stock and 490.1 million shares of Class B Common Stock) through a distribution in kind out of its share premium reserve. Each Altice N.V. shareholder will be entitled to receive 0.4163 Altice USA, Inc. share for each Altice N.V. share held. Each Altice N.V. shareholder will be given the right to elect its portion of Class A Common Stock and Class B Common stock its wishes to receive, with a cap on the maximum shares of Class B Common Stock of 247.7 million shares of Class B Common Stock or 50%. If the cap is exceeded the Class B Common Stock requested by a shareholder will be proportionally reduced and replaced by shares of Class A Common Stock. The Altice USA, Inc. shares of Class A Common Stock are listed and entitled to one vote per share. The Altice USA, Inc. shares of Class B Common Stock are non-listed and entitled to 25 votes per share. De Brauw acted as lead counsel to Altice N.V. Team: Martin can Olffen, Gaby Smeenk, Paul Sleurink and Angela van Breda. For more information, read here.
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Diversity leads to truly creative solutions

(And when we say "we have a diverse and international practice" - we are not exaggerating). We bring together our diverse and multidisciplinary expertise with a truly global perspective to assist clients. With:

7 Partners
50+ Associates
from more than 25 countries
admitted in more than 20 jurisdictions; and
who speak more than 35 languages.

Our clients benefit from the insights, experience and qualifications that our lawyers have, in addition to their unrivalled legal expertise; varied educational and industry backgrounds, across multiple different sectors and jurisdictions.

Their performance is world-class in this line of work... clearly beats its competitors in professionalism, preparedness, power of argumentation, alertness, tactics and thorough appreciation and understanding of the issues at stake.

Chambers Global 2021 / Global Arbitration Review


2 August 2021

Efficiently resolving disputes in construction projects

Bommel van der Bend and Sebastien Davys-Brown wrote an article for Who's Who Legal in May 2021. They believe that additional efficiencies in project dispute resolution can be achieved by (i) providing additional legal competence to the project team and (ii) adopting "active claim management" methods to identify, review and analyse issues around the disputed areas of a project at the same time. The goal being to develop an informed and legally consistent strategy so that appropriate decisions can be made to resolve the dispute at the time it occurs. Click here to read the online article and here for the PDF.
2 July 2021

De Brauw wins 2021 Global Arbitration Review (GAR) Award for 'International Arbitration Practice that Impressed the Most'

De Brauw's international arbitration practice has won the 2021 GAR Award for 'International Arbitration Practice that Impressed the Most'. Marnix Leijten, De Brauw's Managing Partner, accepted the award at the (virtual) 2021 GAR Awards Ceremony on 1 July 2021.
1 July 2021

Martje Verhoeven-de Vries Lentsch appointed as Member of the ICC International Court

De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek is very pleased to announce the appointment of Martje Verhoeven-de Vries Lentsch as a Member of the ICC International Court of Arbitration for the Netherlands by the ICC World Council for a three-year term, commencing on 1 July 2021. We also congratulate Thomas Stouten of Houthoff, who is also appointed.