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Our clients are the major players in data-heavy industries, ranging from Silicon Valley's big tech firms, significant digital platforms and leading financial institutions to retail companies. Our expertise covers consumer class actions, strategic boardroom advice, internal investigations, M&A, cyber security incidents and enforcements actions by the Data Protection Authorities (DPAs), the European Commission and the Consumer and Markets Authority (ACM).

We understand the opportunities and the risks associated with the platform economy. We help digital platforms harness the power of data analytics by navigating through the complex legal landscape for privacy and consumer protection. We enable companies to realise customer-centric innovation and analytics, through cutting-edge advice on the the application of pseudonymisation, machine learning and related technology.


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Tech savvy... top-quality advice in high-profile matters that require a bigger picture view... The team is very good at providing pragmatic advice based on excellent legal and strategic analysis. a fresh, pragmatic approach and always seems to find creative solutions.

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26 January 2023

2022 – looking back on a European digital year

2020 marked the start of Europe's Digital Decade, an ambitious policy programme that sets the groundwork for having a complete digital transformation of Europe by 2030. When first announced by the Commission, the programme threatened to be yet another drawn-out project, destined to be mired in political debate and unlikely to have any real-world impact for the foreseeable future. But a mere two years into the project, a different story unfolds: the European Union has kicked one of the most significant reforms in Europe into high gear. With no fewer than 13 fast-tracked legislative proposals, it looks like the Digital Decade will be completed in half of the expected time.
17 March 2022

Russia takes measures against foreign intellectual property holders in response to sanctions

Russia has taken its first steps in seizing assets from Western companies that suspend operations in Russia because of imposed sanctions. Russia has retaliated by "suspending" their intellectual property, as they are parties affiliated with "unfriendly countries". The measure will have further implications for Western companies and their IP rights in Russia. A lower court ruling in Russia illustrates how Russia will probably allow the ongoing infringement of intellectual property rights.
24 February 2022

UPC is starting up – companies to begin preparations

After a long period of uncertainty, it looks like the Unitary Patent and the Unified Patent Court (UPC) will become a reality, possibly by the end of this year. This change in the European patent system has implications for both existing and future patents. Companies will have to choose between European bundle patents or Unitary Patents, and whether they want their patents to be subject to the UPC's jurisdiction. This article summarises the basics of the "Unitary Patent package" and outlines the important choices that patent holders will face soon.