Russia-Ukraine war

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The war in Ukraine requires decisive and relentless intervention from the global community. For companies, this may lead to disruption of their business operations and the need to cope with increased uncertainty.

A dedicated group of experts follows the conflict with special attention for business impact. They keep in close contact with a wide array of companies as they face challenges resulting from this war and any measures taken. On this page, we will share relevant articles, insights and events. You can register below to receive updates via email.

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Key topics

  1. Sanctions
    Economic sanctions and export control
  2. Disclosure & reporting
    Annual accounts / going concern statement, considerations for prospectus drafting
  3. Navigating state intervention, state aid and state liability and recovery
    Expropriation of property in Russia, recovery options and levies, suspension of IP rights, State Aid & Compensation.
  4. Financing
    Financial implications and restructuring, acquisition financing.
  5. Contract liabilities and performance
    Anticipated breach of contract, assessment of long-term contracts.
  6. At risk projects and transactions
    Anticipated termination or freeze of pending projects.
  7. Regulated industries
    FDI screening, regulated tariff systems.
  8. Key tax considerations
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17 March 2022

Russia takes measures against foreign intellectual property holders in response to sanctions

Russia has taken its first steps in seizing assets from Western companies that suspend operations in Russia because of imposed sanctions. Russia has retaliated by "suspending" their intellectual property, as they are parties affiliated with "unfriendly countries". The measure will have further implications for Western companies and their IP rights in Russia. A lower court ruling in Russia illustrates how Russia will probably allow the ongoing infringement of intellectual property rights.
28 February 2022

Statement on Ukraine

The rule of law is at the very core of who we are and what we do at De Brauw. By waging an unprovoked war of aggression against Ukraine, Mr Putin and his regime are not just breaching elementary principles of international law and human rights. They are attacking the fundamental values that define our modern European society. We recognise that this is not a war instigated by the Russian people, yet we firmly condemn the illegal actions of their autocratic ruler and his entourage. We urge the European Union and the Dutch government to remain decisive and uncompromising in their support of Ukraine. Our hearts go out to the Ukrainian people. Their bravery is an example to us all.
21 February 2022

Proposal for Dutch Corporate Governance Code update ready for public consultation

A proposal to update the Dutch Corporate Governance Code was published on 21 February 2022. The proposal prepared by the Corporate Governance Code Monitoring Committee (the "Committee") is set out in a consultation document inviting interested parties to respond by 17 April 2022. The Committee aims to adopt a revised Code later this year, with such revised Code applying to financial years starting on or after 1 January 2023. Companies would have until the end of 2023 to ensure that they comply with the revised Code.