Our broader involvement

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Our commitment to broader society is an ongoing topic of conversation right across the firm. We embrace our shared sense of responsibility – as a law firm, but also as an employer, a training institute and as a local business.

This common precept guides how we compose ourselves and face the world. Our thriving pro bono practice is a tangible example of how our societal commitment takes shape. However, our social responsibility resonates broader. It leads us to tread with care, consciousness and consideration of our surroundings.

Public dialogue is where the law of tomorrow takes shape

We find public debate is an essential ingredient of the rule of law. The open exchange of different views in society shapes the future of the law and fuels the dynamics of our society. As a law firm, we feel that our responsibility goes beyond a proper application of the rule of law – into a commitment to take on an active role in society. Many different initiatives within our firm are geared towards bringing outside perspectives in our firm, whether that is through open discussions and events, one of our partnerships, or encouragement to actively listen, learn and take part in public debate.

Safeguarding and facilitating access to the rule of law

Access to the rule of law is another fundament of our society. We are committed to ensure that access for those whose voices are not being heard or when our legal assistance can support those who are a force of good. Our award-winning pro bono practice gives shape to this commitment, leading the way in the number of hours it offers pro bono legal assistance to clients in order to guarantee their access of justice.

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Training the next generation of legal talent

De Brauw is a renowned legal training institute that attracts a wide variety of top talent from at home and abroad. It is unique in offering the only in-house vocational training programme in the country. Young talent grows within our own ranks, and is often asked to assume positions of public leadership; in the judiciary, the world of academia and of business.

Mindful of the influence that our unique launch pad has on the development of our lawyers, we promote a broad and inclusive training programme where our continuous development as individuals and as lawyers, takes centre stage. Across all of our different programmes, our training curriculum fosters indepth discussions on ethics, our participation in public debate and an intentional pursuit to broaden our horizons through our partnerships with the centre for public debate - De Balie, The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra (RCO) and FOAM Photography Museum.

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Backing diversity of thinking through partnerships

We feel strongly that diversity of thought and an open exchange of ideas are fundamental to the workings of society. Much of our own efforts are geared towards promoting them within our firm. To expand our broader contribution to promoting diversity of thought, we have partnered up with various institutions.

Each in their own way, our partner organisations broaden the horizons of people that they come into contact with. We both identify with and admire their ability to make a difference, and through our partnerships with them, we aim to back their respective missions.

The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

Based in Amsterdam, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra is one of the very best orchestras in the world. It was founded in 1888, and we have been a partner supporting their work since 2007. While the exceptional acoustics of The Concertgebouw, designed by the architect A.L. van Gendt, also play an important role in this respect, no other orchestra sounds like the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra in the main hall.

Education and talent development are important pillars of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. Members of the orchestra regularly give masterclasses both in the Netherlands and abroad. Since 2003 the Academy of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra successfully trains talented young orchestra musicians, and launched "RCO Young" in 2019, a youth orchestra for ‘hidden talent’ from all over Europe.

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De Balie

De Balie, as the centre for debate and culture is The Netherlands’ foremost venue for contemporary arts, politics and culture. We entered in a durable partnership in 2021, one that encompasses both the exchange of knowledge regarding public debate and societal topics, as well as support for the broader mission that De Balie has embarked upon.

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