... and companies and financial institutions are increasingly finding themselves the main target.

Our Mass Claims team is involved as lead counsel in most high-profile mass claims and class actions in the Netherlands and across Europe.

We provide legal assistance in complex mass claims and class actions, both in national and international contexts. Our integrated practice model enables us to couple a deep understanding of procedural law with expertise in areas such as antitrust and cartel damages; consumer protection and product liability; data privacy and cybersecurity; financial law; and ESG issues such as climate and sustainability, employment and human rights. Our teams consist of lawyers from various jurisdictions around the world, supported by legal project managers to assist in case management. We also offer our clients customised legal tech tools to easily manage mass claims.

Following the introduction of the Resolution of Mass Damage in Collective Action Act (known as the WAMCA) on 1 January 2020, many collective actions now fall under new statutory rules. The WAMCA has transformed the Dutch collective action regime by allowing claims for monetary damages, introducing stricter admissibility requirements, and amending the procedure. To familiarise clients and others with these new rules, we have published Unlocking the WAMCA: a practical guide to the new collective action regime in the Netherlands. The second edition includes a discussion of the EU's Representative Actions Directive and can be downloaded here.

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The biggest matters require bespoke and innovative efficiency

When complex matters span many jurisdictions or triggers multiple proceedings, our bespoke case management platform ensures procedural compliance at all levels, across all jurisdictions, in every connected matter. This one portal enables clients and the team to easily and efficiently communicate and collaborate with each other, wherever they are in the world. One real-time dashboard for all task allocation, oversight, document/data management, and deadlines.

Our Electronic Cost Centre provides real-time data and information to help inform communication, especially at critical peaks in the matter lifecycle. Inclusive of all local counsel engaged on a matter, clients can see in an instant, the amount of work, at what level and on what aspect, has been recorded, invoiced and paid – the world over: one invoice for a global team of experts.