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De Brauw is known as the leading international law firm in the Netherlands.

Rooted deeply in the Dutch tradition of problem-solving and innovation, we offer high-end legal advice in corporate transactions, disputes and regulatory enforcement.

Our lawyers are widely recognised as leaders in their fields. Together, we form a strong collective, representing our clients, relentlessly pursuing excellence.

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2 February 2023


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26 January 2023

Negotiating ESG financing – key areas to address

Sustainability elements are incorporated into almost all new or renegotiated financing arrangements. This change is driven by various factors, such as companies enhancing their sustainability agenda and a growing demand for sustainability from lenders, other stakeholders and society at large. In our previous article on ESG financing, we discussed the variety of available instruments and key considerations for borrowers. Since then, we have seen a substantial uptick in the number of sustainability-linked financing arrangements and an increased level of sophistication in the documentation and verification process. Sustainability-linked financing products are available to a broader group of companies since there are no restrictions on the use of proceeds. Given the rise in sustainability-linked products and developments in the standardisation of documentation, we focus on sustainability-linked solutions in this article.
26 January 2023

2022 – looking back on a European digital year

2020 marked the start of Europe's Digital Decade, an ambitious policy programme that sets the groundwork for having a complete digital transformation of Europe by 2030. When first announced by the Commission, the programme threatened to be yet another drawn-out project, destined to be mired in political debate and unlikely to have any real-world impact for the foreseeable future. But a mere two years into the project, a different story unfolds: the European Union has kicked one of the most significant reforms in Europe into high gear. With no fewer than 13 fast-tracked legislative proposals, it looks like the Digital Decade will be completed in half of the expected time.
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If you want to go far - go together

We are incredibly proud of our people, wherever they are. They create and define the culture of De Brauw. We all share the same core qualities: courageous team-players, passionate about what we do, with the grit and curiosity required to get to the best possible result for our client, together.

We continuously strive for diverse teams - it simply makes us better. Our unique personalities, experiences, and individual perspectives make us sharper and keep us humble. Many of our top business leaders and members of the judiciary come up through our own ranks, and pass our firm from one generation to the next.

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