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De Brauwerij offers an unrivalled opportunity to 'learn on the job', expand your professional skills, and combine both with an intensive personal development programme.

The programme prepares you to practice law on the highest levels, where you take on ground-breaking matters that shape the future of our clients. What you will learn during these first years in De Brauwerij, offers a rock solid base for your future career where you make connections for life.

Our firm's training institute has two programmes: De Brauwerij (for Dutch law graduates) and The Brewery (a separate track for international associates).

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De Brauwerij brings together the brightest legal minds and offers them an excellent professional training programme that is both broad and deep in subject matter. Prepare to:

  • Start together with an ambitious group of peers, making friendships and connections that last a lifetime.
  • Be challenged and experience a steep personal and professional learning curve.
  • Receive responsibility right from the start, working on real cases, while being coached and supported by senior lawyers.
  • Be publicly engaged, working on legal aid matters and contributing to our pro bono projects or provide start-ups with legal advice .
  • Receive a fixed 3,5-year contract, after which you have the opportunity to become a senior associate at De Brauw.
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What sets us apart?

Our firm operates as a strong collective. We believe in teamwork, diligence and listening for the merit of each argument. A sense of shared responsibility is the hallmark of our approach.

Putting caliber first, De Brauw lawyers do not adhere to a single mould. They hail from different backgrounds, experiences and prefer different styles. Nonetheless, they all possess key attributes: sharp minds, boundless curiosity, and an unwavering pursuit of excellence.

Building further upon our 150 year legacy, De Brauw offers a remarkable home base. As we constantly change, adapt, and even take a progressive approach to high-performance work, our people ensure we remain welcoming, kind, and fair.

Upcoming events

Learn more about De Brauwerij and The Brewery at one of our upcoming events. It's a great way to get a sense of our firm and explore opportunities at De Brauw.

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Nothing beats a one-on-one chat to answer questions, discuss a specific topic or to get better acquainted. Let us know what is on your mind and recruiters will get back to you with an answer or match you with one of our associates. Of course, you can write to us both in Dutch or in English.
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Learn about our application and selection process and prepare for the next edition of De Brauwerij or The Brewery.

How to apply

What is the difference between De Brauwerij and The Brewery?

De Brauwerij is designed for Dutch-speaking graduates who meet the requirements to be admitted to the Dutch Bar (civiel effect + master in law). The Brewery is meant for international graduates who do not meet the requirements for admission to the Dutch Bar (but do have a master in law degree).

What are the main features of De Brauwerij/The Brewery training programme?

  • De Brauwerij is designed for Dutch-speaking graduates who meet the requirements to be admitted to the Dutch Bar (civiel effect + Master of Laws). The Brewery is meant for international graduates who do not meet the requirements for admission to the Dutch Bar (but do have a Master of Laws).
  • - De Brauwerij and The Brewery programme last for a period of six months and consist of legal and skills-based courses. As well as a personal leadership programme which continues after the first six months. Most courses are for both De Brauwerij and The Brewery. The groups are only separated when the content of a course is relevant for merely one of the groups.
  • - Examples of courses that we offer: Do's and Don'ts in court, Oral and Written Advocacy, and Professional Ethics. Dutch or English language classes are also available
  • - The daily running of De Brauwerij and The Brewery is coordinated by experienced partners and senior associates.
  • - On average, the combined De Brauwerij/The Brewery group will consist of around 15-20 associates.

What is De Brauw's official language and what is the working language in De Brauwerij and The Brewery?

English. All firm-wide communications and events are in English. Courses are given in English as well. The only exceptions are the courses where content is closely related to Dutch law and only relevant to Dutch lawyers.

What is involved in becoming a Dutch "advocaat"?

The Netherlands Bar Professional Education programme for Dutch lawyers focuses on the ethics and skills needed to practice law at the standard required. This programme takes two years to complete. You will need to take an ethics exam and also successfully complete two "integrative" whole-day tests: a moot court and simulated negotiations. A group of senior associates will help you prepare for both days. You will not receive a grade for the exams; you will either pass or fail.

The Netherlands Bar Association publishes its exam regulations on their website: (https://www.beroepsopleiding.advocatenorde.nl).

What is a day like at De Brauw?

At De Brauw, your day typically starts at 9 AM. During your first six months, you're expected to be at the office consistently to learn the ropes. Your workday can end between 5.30 and 6 PM, or sometimes later depending on the workload. Each week is different, with varied tasks like research, client meetings, and document preparation, making for a dynamic and intellectually stimulating environment.


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