Embark on a six-month programme with De Brauwerij. We offer legal talent a hands-on learning experience, combined with top-tier legal and personal training. This runs alongside the required 'Beroepsopleiding'.

Our senior associates will guide you. They have been in your shoes not long ago and know how to help you get the most out of the programme.

We are proud to be the only firm accredited by The Dutch Bar (Nederlandse Orde van Advocaten) to run vocational training in-house. This ensures our courses align closely with the real-world dynamics of our international practice.

This experience is about more than just legal training. It is also an opportunity for self-discovery, preparing you for a successful career. As you start, you will join a group of ambitious peers, forming strong professional connections and friendships. To ensure continuity in your development, you will start with a three and a half year contract.

De Brauwerij

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Three pillars of De Brauwerij

During the first six months in De Brauwerij, your Brauwerij programme will mainly focus on doing the following work:

Legal Aid Cases

Dive into the practical side of law during your first six months in the Brauwerij programme. Embrace 'learning by doing' as you tackle real cases and interact directly with legal aid clients. Rest assured, our senior associates and experiences legal aid lawyers will be at your side, offering guidance when needed.

Pro Bono Work

Collaborate with both Brauwerij and Brewery peers as you offer pro bono legal advice, supporting innovative and socially impactful start-ups. This initiative is a cornerstone of our partnership with the Impact Hub, with experienced M&A department associates ready to assist.

Training Sessions

Elevate your skill set with a range of courses designed to sharpen your legal, professional, and personal abilities. From mastering litigation and presentation techniques to honing negotiation, entrepreneurship, communication, and leadership skills. These sessions not only enhance your capabilities but also set the stage for the examinations in the 'Beroepsopleiding'.

We offer both Dutch and English language courses for who thinks they would benefit from those.

Furthermore, Brauwerij associates benefit from the 'Inside Out' programme, a collaboration with The School of Life. Dive deeper into personal development in the 'Your Development' section on this website.

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After the first
6 months

After the first six Brauwerij months, you will have the opportunity to experience both Litigation and Corporate work in our 2 x 1.5-year rotation programme. You will be part of various teams and have the chance to work with lawyers of all levels - from peers to seniors to partners.

After 3.5 years, you have the opportunity to transition to become a senior associate at De Brauw and after several more years you will be eligible to become a partner or counsel.

If you want to know more about building a career at our firm, or if you have any specific questions, please reach out to one of our recruiters. They will be happy to answer your questions or pair you up with one of our lawyers to share their first-hand experience.

Colleagues who have walked your path

Nearly all of our lawyers have stood where you would stand, if you choose to join De Brauwerij. They know what it means to be in the programme, as they were once part of it.

You will get to know many of them, either as one of your dedicated mentors, working on a matter or if you join one of the committees, teams or initiatives in our firm.