What do you need?

In order to assess your application, we need the following information:

  • A letter of motivation (maximum one side of A4) in Dutch;
  • Your CV (maximum two sides of A4) in Dutch;
  • Complete transcripts of all results to include high school, Bachelor’s and Master’s results;
  • Evaluation report(s) from all previous internships;
  • Your thesis written during your Master’s programme; and
  • A reference letter – only if you have one.

Please make sure to upload all documents correctly in our portal before 09:00 CET on each Monday to receive our response in that same week. Use the "Apply now" buttons or click here.

Our interview & selection procedure

Our hiring partners and the recruitment team review all documentation that was submitted, after the cut-off time of 09:00 CET each Monday.

They will be looking at your performance, your experiences and your motivation. We are eager to get a sense of who you are and what drives you, so please use your application to help us scratch the surface on that.

Each candidate who invests time to apply, will receive a reply - regardless of the result.

First round

If your application is selected, we will invite you to the first round of one-on-one interviews. These take place on the Friday of the week following your notice.

Prior to your first round of interviews, we will ask you to take both a cognitive test and a personality questionnaire. Both are developed together with The Selection Lab, and offer an objective tool to gain insight into your cognitive ability, personality traits and competencies. The cognitive test consists of several sections that must be completed within a time limit. We recommend practicing first; practice makes perfect! You can find practice questions for each section on the internet. Before starting the test, you will also receive a few practice questions for each section. Note that the test has a strict time limit. Be aware of this while taking the test and make sure to do it in a quiet environment without distractions.

The first round of interviews consists of two one-on-one interviews, each with a different partner or counsel.

The interviews will be a mix of getting to know you as an individual and assessing your substantive qualifications. You can expect an introduction and to discuss your personality, motivation and your preferences while working in a team. You can also expect to dive deeper into your analytical skills, stress resistance and perserverance.

After the interviews, we will contact you the same day with the outcome and to discuss your experiences, any questions you might have and our thoughts. Regardless of the result, each candidate will of course receive a reply.

Second round

If you are through to the second round you will again have two one-on-one interviews on the next Friday. Again, each with with a different partner or counsel.

If you went on to this round of interviews, we intend to explore the fit between you and our firm. And the other way around, of course. The second round is structured similarly to the first round but generally delves deeper, both on a personal and substantive level.

You can expect to discuss your analytical skills and discuss your aptitude for logical reasoning, critical thinking and flexibility of mind. We might go deeper into relevant outcomes from previous interviews.


After the selection process, we will call you to tell you how you did, and hopefully: with good news!

If you did not make it, we are happy to discuss our motivation and considerations while coming to a decision.


If you think De Brauw is right for the start of your legal career, you can apply for De Brauwerij.

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Which language will my job interview be in?

Interviews for De Brauwerij are conducted in Dutch if you are meeting with a Dutch-speaking partner or counsel, and in English if the interviewing partner or counsel is not a Dutch speaker. Interviews for The Brewery are conducted in English.

I have previous work experience – will that be taken into account with my salary?

Everyone starting in De Brauwerij/The Brewery will start at the same level and on the same salary. Expectations are associates with a PhD degree. They will be offered a higher starting salary. Your previous work experience may be relevant when a team is being staffed in a new matter handled by your practice group.

How do I prepare for my interview?

To prepare for your interview effectively, make sure you do your research about our firm and our matters, clarify your motivation for wanting to work here and prepare questions you have for us. These steps will help you excel in the interview while demonstrating your genuine interest and fit for the role.

What is appropriate attire for my interview?

In general, we dress quite informal in the office. Wear what you feel good in. At the more important moments, such as client appointments, applications or events, we dress formal.


Anything else we can help you with? Reach out to us by phone, email or Instagram.

We are happy to help you or answer any of your questions.