1 June 2023

De Brauw advocates for the protection of rights of detained women, alongside Bureau Clara Wichmann and Loonstein Advocaten

It has been known for a while that women in detention in the Netherlands are confronted with misconduct by prison officers, including transgressive behaviour, abuse of power and sexual abuse. Confidentially reporting these abuses is virtually impossible, according to accounts from dozens of current and former detained women. Together with Bureau Clara Wichmann, Loonstein Advocaten and many of these women, De Brauw advocates for protecting the rights of detained women.

A recently published investigation of the Inspectorate of Justice and Security (Inspectie Justitie en Veiligheid) confirmed the abusive practices in respect of the women's penitentiary in Nieuwersluis. The Inspectorate's recommendations are essential steps to ensure the safety of detained women and improve systemic conditions in Nieuwersluis as well as in other women's prisons. In close collaboration with our partners in this matter, we will monitor the implementation of the recommendations and consider any further steps needed to guarantee a safe environment for detained women.