27 March 2024

Connecting academia with practice: De Brauw's Corporate Crime & Compliance Series

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Roan Lamp (Partner at De Brauw's Regulatory and Criminal Enforcement practice) and Benjamin van Rooij (Professor of Law and Society at the University of Amsterdam) have been hosting a series of lively discussions on corporate crime and compliance.

Together with various guests from academia and practice, they discuss important compliance topics. Focusing on recent issues and developments, the combined perspectives of professionals from different areas of expertise are brought to the table, bridging the gap between the academic world and practice. The series is a continuation of discussions that started at De Balie, and the topics addressed range from "Measuring compliance: how do we know what works?" to "Compliance shocks" and "Compliance technology". The subject of the recent seventh session was "Compliance: science versus practice".

All sessions held so far are available below: