In 2016, we launched the first edition of De BLIC, the De Brauw Legal Innovation Challenge: a first in the world of law and De Brauw alike. All students throughout the Netherlands are welcome to participate in this challenge, even those who aren’t following a path towards a law degree. The winning idea is funded up to a maximum of EUR 25,000 and receives legal advice from De Brauw.

The first edition of De BLIC was won by Appjection. Their idea allows users to appeal against fines and decisions simply by using both their smartphone app and WhatsApp. In 2017 Lawspeak won the second edition with a tool that will make it easier for legal practitioners to write comprehensible language by giving real-time suggestions for ‘simplifying’ archaic and difficult words or phrases.

The third edition will take place in 2018. More information will follow in the coming months on the De BLIC website.

“By participating, De BLIC prodded us to abandon the idea stage and to actually develop Appjection”

Max Heck, one of the initiators of Appjection

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