6 June 2023 / 6:30 - 8:30

Masterclass - Legal management of the value chain

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This Masterclass is the second session in our ESG masterclass series, covering a range of topics relevant for in-house counsel who advise companies and their management on sustainability-related matters.

In a drive towards a more sustainable future, companies' control over and concern about the value chain has captured the interest of lawmakers and courts. In addition to already applied soft law instruments such as the OECD Guidelines, extensive non-financial reporting obligations and standards were introduced (CSRD and ESRS) which may require companies to report on matters in their value chain. In addition, various due diligence obligations have already been introduced (e.g., the Deforestation Regulation) or seem imminent (e.g., CSDDD and the Dutch Bill on responsible and sustainable international business conduct). Also, duties of care were established in recent years by Dutch courts. Accordingly, there is a growing need for central group policies, control and information systems, and involvement in a host of sustainability matters with respect to the group and its value chain to ensure compliance with current and future obligations. After all, the increasing amount of information that is or should be available to companies and their boards will, in practice, likely expand their applicable duties of care.

In light of these developments Davine Roessingh and Hylke ten Bruggencate will discuss a number of topics related to the legal management of the value chain. They will highlight the recent and imminent due diligence obligations and reporting obligations as key developments and, on that basis, will discuss group obligations and duties of care, aiming to provide insights into what lies ahead. Practical considerations with respect to integrating ESG considerations into processes throughout the value chain will also be explored.

Date, time and location

This Webinar Masterclass will be held via Microsoft Teams on Tuesday, 6 June from 08:30 to 10:00.

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05 June 2023

7:30 - 9:00

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