1 May 2013

Lindsay Goldberg reaches final agreement for expansion of terminals joint venture

De Brauw has assisted Lindsay Goldberg on the agreement with Odfjell to expand their existing joint venture (OTLG) to include substantially all of Odfjell’s tank terminals business globally.

OTLG is a strategic partnership of Odfjell and Lindsay Goldberg of which Lindsay Goldberg owns 49% and Odfjell 51%. The assets involved are tank terminals in Rotterdam, Netherlands and Houston, Texas as well as in the greenfield project in Charleston, South Carolina, United States.

In exchange for a 49% share in the new joint venture, Lindsay Goldberg will make a cash investment of USD 219.2 million as well as contribute its 49% share of the existing joint venture.

Team: Ton Schutte (lead partner), Okke Suurenbroek, Niels Wolswijk, Douwe Groenevelt