Roan Lamp


Office location
Amsterdam, Shanghai
Direct number
+86 21 2227 3001
Direct fax
+31 20 577 1775
Mobile number
+86 182 0180 6416

Advocaat, Professor of Financial Criminal Law VU University Amsterdam
Enforcement, Corporate Criminal Defence and Investigations, Financial Markets Regulation
Dutch, English, Papiamentu
University of California at Davis (B.A.), University of Utrecht ( PhD)

Roan is a partner in De Brauw’s Enforcement & Investigations practice, and works from De Brauw’s Amsterdam and Shanghai offices.

A leading cross-border enforcement and investigations lawyer, Roan also represents companies throughout all stages of criminal prosecutions. He focuses on China, India and the Netherlands.

Roan is a Financial Criminal Law professor at the VU University in Amsterdam and is a regular contributor to leading law journals. He is also one of the editors of a leading treatise on financial and economic criminal law in the Netherlands and of a handbook on insider trading.

Chambers 2019 states that the De Brauw Investigations team is “unrivalled in capacity, client base and reputation”, “well equipped to advise clients facing disciplinary actions in China and the USA” and “ a go-to firm for internal investigations.” Roan is praised for his calm approach to sensitive issues.

Roan has been included as a WWL Thought Leader for the Global Investigations Review 2019. WWL 2019 says Roan Lamp is “very well known” among market sources who consider him a top name for anti-bribery and fraud matters across the Netherlands and Asia.

Legal 500 2016 recommends Roan Lamp for being “a terrific lawyer and trusted advisor”. According to Chambers 2017, Roan is “excellent” and offers “a wealth of specialised expertise in financial market regulation and corporate criminal law, including money-laundering and bribery cases.”

Roan has been included as a Who's Who Legal Thought Leader for global investigations 2019. WWL says: Roan Lamp is "very well known" among market sources who consider him a top name for anti-bribery and fraud matters across the Netherlands and Asia.

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