High volume litigation



Claim is received: create a digital platform that includes

  • Litigation and settlement policy
  • Standard documents and texts for briefs
  • Know-how memos
  • Precedents
  • Litigation management tool.



Carry out an early case assessment:

  • what are the chances of success
  • what is the estimated timing
  • what are the upside and downside risks
  • what are the expected costs

We can help you make these assessments or train the in-house lawyers designated to do this.


Triage: choice to be made

  • Settlement (in-house or by a legal service provider)
    – Make a proposal
    – Settle, or try mediation, and then settle
  • Standard proceedings (in-house, by a legal service provider or a law firm)
    – Proceedings (first instance or appeal)
    – If this does not lead to the desired result, then back to triage
  • Special proceedings (by a law firm)
    – Proceedings (first instance or appeal)
    – If this does not give you the desired result, then back to triage

This solution gives you insight on the key steps for high volume litigation. Our firm can provide a multi-disciplinary team to handle all aspects of high volume litigation.

We would be pleased to provide further documentation upon request.
Click here to read the extended version of this solution.

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