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Discover The Brewery: Your future starts here

Welcome to De Brauw, where we find inspiration in our shared commitment to collaboratively solve complex cases, fostering an environment of continuous learning and improvement. Here, everyone's voice is heard, and open dialogue thrives, creating a vibrant atmosphere as we tackle pressing legal challenges. We believe excellence is born when talent comes together in the same vibe. That's when the magic happens, and the very best work gets done. At De Brauw, this is what defines a culture of collective excellence.

Since 2015, The Brewery has been our vibrant professional hub for international law graduates with up to 2 years of professional legal experience. At The Brewery, we welcome international talent from all over the globe. This unique blend makes The Brewery an ideal launchpad for your professional legal career in the Netherlands.

We are currently on the lookout for enthusiastic Associates to join our Arbitration, Competition, and Data Privacy departments. The Brewery programme is not just about legal training; it is a journey of self-discovery that prepares you for a successful career as a lawyer. You'll become part of a small, ambitious group, forming lasting professional connections and friendships, all backed by a fixed three and a half-year employment contract.

Here are some of the highlights of The Brewery programme, organized into four pillars:

Intensive training and direct involvement in cases from day one

  • Intensive training within your practice area.
  • Direct involvement in matters as an Associate from day one.

Qualification as a Solicitor in England & Wales

  • Even if you're already qualified elsewhere, you'll qualify as a Solicitor in England & Wales.
  • You'll prepare for the SQE examinations alongside your work as an Associate.

Dutch language training

  • You will take Dutch language lessons to enhance your communication skills and facilitate your integration in the Netherlands. We understand that mastering Dutch is essential for social interactions, and while we encourage your language development, we do not expect you to write Dutch texts as part of your role.

The Brewery and the Brauwerij

  • Integrated training components with our Dutch-qualified Associates in the Brauwerij, fostering a supportive and inclusive atmosphere.

At The Brewery, you'll dive into a dynamic environment designed to fuel your professional growth and personal development. Joining a small yet ambitious group, you'll quickly form friendships and valuable connections that will support you throughout your journey. Be prepared to tackle challenges head-on, as you navigate a steep learning curve that will enhance both your personal and professional skills. From day one, you'll assume responsibilities, all while being coached and supported by seasoned senior lawyers who are invested in your success. Beyond traditional work, you'll have the opportunity to engage in meaningful pro bono projects, enriching your experience and making a positive impact on the community. And with a fixed 3.5-year employment contract, you'll have the stability and support you need to thrive.

Your future at De Brauw

  • After 3.5 years, you have the opportunity to be promoted to Senior Associate at De Brauw.


In order to be eligible for The Brewery:

  • you should have completed your legal education at bachelor's and/or master's level; and
  • you should have no more than two years of full-time professional legal work experience, excluding internships or study-related activities.

Application process

Upload the required documents in PDF via our application portal (see link below) by 1 April 2024:

  • A letter of motivation (maximum one side of A4) in English;
  • Your Curriculum Vitae (maximum two sides of A4) in English;
  • Transcripts of all results (include your high school, Bachelor/LLB and Master’s/LLM results). Please note your GPA after your Bachelors and Master's. Note that having completed your legal degree before the start of our Brewery programme is a mandatory requirement;
  • Evaluation report(s) from all previous internships;
  • Your theses or any papers written in English during your legal education; and
  • At least two references (letters or phone numbers).

The Brewery's application journey

Stage 1: Assessments

Selected applicants will receive an invitation to our assessment on 7th April 2024. Please complete the assessment by 14 April 2024, 09:00 CET, at the latest. Boost your preparation by taking the practice test.

Stage 2: English Intake and First Round of Interviews

Once we have received all applications and assessment results, the hiring committee will select candidates for interviews. If you are selected for interviews, you'll be invited for the English intake and the first round of interviews between 6 and 10 May 2024. The English intake precedes the first round, and you will receive information about the date and time in advance.

Stage 3: Interviews with Partners (Round 1) – Microsoft Teams OR Amsterdam Office

The first round of interviews consists of two one-on-one interviews with partners from different practice groups. Topics covered may include your reasons for applying, analytical skills, flexibility, effective teamwork, or a discussion of your thesis or other legal issues. First-round interviews will take place between 6 and 10 May 2024 at our Amsterdam Office or via Microsoft Teams, so flexibility during this period is appreciated.

Stage 4: Interviews with Partners (Round 2) – Amsterdam Office

We will notify you of the outcome of the first round of interviews by 13 May 2024. If successful, you'll be invited for the second round of interviews, mirroring the format of the first round (two one-one-one interviews with a partner). Second-round interviews will take place between 13 and 23 May 2024 (excluding weekends) at our Amsterdam Office, so flexibility during this period is also highly appreciated.

Stage 5: Final Selection

We will let you know by 31 May 2024 whether you have been selected for The Brewery. Book your calendar: The Brewery will kick off on 12 August 2024, marking the beginning of an exciting journey with us. We look forward to welcoming you to The Brewery!


Lisette de Vreeze

Lisette de Vreeze

Lead Recruitment Adviser