Knowledge sharing

Our clients value our proven leadership and knowledge in the legal sector. This is why at De Brauw, we don’t believe in keeping our knowledge to ourselves – a well-informed client is a satisfied client.


Our know-how services and tools demonstrate to our clients that we are always open to discuss explore how best to adapt to their needs and expectations.

Know-how services and tools

Our clients are at the core of everything we do. This is why we believe in sharing our knowledge, best practices, and tools and applications with our clients.


Our European Dawn Raids website was created in collaboration with our European Best Friends network. It covers various jurisdictions and provides detailed information about what to do in the event of a Dawn Raid.  Our clients in the Netherlands are given easy mobile access to this information via our own De Brauw Dawn Raid App. Both tools include both a “first aid kit” when a raid is on its way, and more in-depth information if there is more time. To download the app, go to App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) on your phone and search “De Brauw Dawn Raid”.


Our Corporate Governance Toolbox and Inside Information Toolbox include practical guidelines and templates, accompanied by information detailing specific legal processes to be followed.


The HSE Incident Response Guide sets out step by step how to adequately respond to HSE incidents. This interactive PDF combines practical and legal information, ranging from what authorities to notify of an incident to whether you have a duty to cooperate and a right to remain silent. Our guide helps you to safeguard your company’s interests and those of your employees, and prepares you for a potential enforcement process.


Sometimes, our clients want help in standardising or fine-tuning their own know-how and are looking for examples or templates for specific subjects. If you are a client in need of a template or in search of more information about accessing our know-how or tools in general, please contact us at or get in touch with your regular De Brauw contact.



We publish articles and circulate newsletters to ensure that our clients know how they will be affected by the latest legal developments, and what they can do about it. If you want to see our most recent articles, please click here.


Master Classes & Roundtables

We regularly organise events and seminars relevant to clients, legal teams and other professionals. For an overview of our upcoming events, click here.

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